Letters to the Editor

Chicago fire

The Jan. 4 “Guns kill,” blaming guns on the spate of shootings and killings in Chicago, naively says that, “If these young men didn’t have guns, there wouldn’t be all of these tragic deaths.”

The letter also blames the NRA and legislators. The writer is way off target. Guns are not inherently the cause, they are only the means. These acts of violence are primarily by gangs and what we are experiencing is, for the most part, gang warfare.

Leadership from the first black President could have ameliorated this problem by giving gang-bangers someone to emulate other than their local drug dealers and pimps. That didn’t happen.

Sadly, without leadership, Chicago has degenerated into anarchy and chaos with unchecked gang violence from the ’hoods right down to the Magnificent Mile.

Robert E. Pickard, Miami