Letters to the Editor

Obama’s contempt for Israel is obvious

As Jewish families across America were making their plans to celebrate Hanukkah, President Barack Obama was preparing to finally reveal his true contempt for the State of Israel.

Despite years of dissembling about his so-called respect and friendship for the only Western democracy in the Middle East, the Democratic President of the United States glibly stood aside and allowed anti-Israeli diplomats to pass a resolution condemning so-called “settlements” in the allegedly “occupied” territory of Israel’s capital city, Jerusalem.

It wasn’t just an American betrayal of the State of Israel; it was also another Democratic betrayal of the party’s reliable Jewish constituency.

For a little perspective on how President Obama’s Democratic administration has dramatically turned American foreign policy on its head, consider this: Today, American diplomats gladly encourage billions of dollars of investment with the brutal regime of the Iranian theocracy, while simultaneously standing mute as the UN criminalizes Jewish residency in the ancient Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem.

Simply stated, the Democrats have embraced a policy of madness.

Perhaps it is time for some of South Florida’s Jewish voters to take a second look at the Republican Party.

Republicans have always unapologeticaly championed America’s close relationship with the State of Israel, not in order to pander to any one interest or voting bloc, but because the Republican Party has long recognized Israel’s record as a force for good in the world.

So shame on President Obama and his Democratic Administration.

For those disheartened voters who once supported a Democratic Party that no longer stands for their values, know this: the Republican Party is offering a friendly hand and a place at the table.

Kevin Moot,

Pompano Beach