Letters to the Editor

When life begins

The Dec. 18 letter “When life begins,” responding to the Dec. 14 letter “Florida abortions,” is certainly brief and to the point.

It claims that, “Science proves life begins at conception.” I don’t believe that the earlier writer would dispute that there is some life at conception, no need for science to “prove” that.

The question is whether that life is human life or not. The earlier writer apparently answers that question with “until a fetus is able to live outside the mother’s body, this should not be an issue.” But it is an issue.

When is that magical moment when the fetus becomes a human, and who decides?

A critically ill or injured adult sometimes needs medical help to continue to live.

Depending on when the fetus/unborn baby is considered to be human, such help must also be given.

Is the magical moment the moment of birth? Is it the minute before? The day before? The week before? The month before? Whatever arbitrary moment is suggested, I’ll ask: what about the moment before that?

The only logical answer to that slippery slope argument is to agree with the second writer and claim that life, human life, begins at conception.

John Goehl, Biscayne Park