Letters to the Editor

Let’s stay vigilant

As Americans, we should accept the outcomes of our own election process. What is needed in the days to come is vigilance and not protests; the election is over.

There is no room for complacency or indifference in these uncertain times under a new leadership. Let us pay attention to what policies and initiatives emerge from the White House and see how Congress handles them.

If they take us backward, restrict our freedom of speech, strip away women’s rights and civil rights and don’t act in the best interests of our country, let us then rise up in protest and do everything in our power to derail those policies and initiatives.

I urge the press to play its important role in exposing who gains and who loses, conflicts of interest, instances of quid pro quo, use of threats to get compliance and so on.

I also urge the Congress to play its role of a check and balance instead of blindly going along with the president’s proposals.

Let not the size and high volume of Donald Trump’s supporters deter them from upholding the oath they took upon joining the House or Senate.

Kamala Anandam, Weston