Letters to the Editor

Trump needs to denounce racism

Carl Paladino, a Republican Party leader in New York and a Donald Trump organizer, said last week that he hopes President Obama “catches mad cow disease” from having sex with a cow and that Michelle Obama will “return to being a male” and move into a cave with a gorilla in Africa.

President-elect Trump has had time to tweet about Alex Baldwin and the actor’s performance depicting him on “Saturday Night Live.” But as America rips itself apart at the racial seams, the president-elect remains silent. Moreover, it tells dangerous racist elements, some of which are violent, that the next president is with them.

The Republican Party, giddy with victory and steeped in denial, appears to be tolerant of such racism. Its mantra is, “We won. Get over it.” Whether Trump is a racist or not does not matter. In this country, people (even a president) have a right to be stupid, even racist.

However, a far greater offense is that Trump used a racist lie (that Obama was not born in America) even after he knew it was a lie, in order to curry favor from racists such as Paladino and the KKK and neo-Nazis. In doing so, Trump stabbed black America in the heart.

When he was asked during a debate what he had to say to African Americans about his use of the birther issue, Trump responded, “I say nothing,” and he has remained true to that statement.

There was a reason that Trump lost the popular vote. Most white Americans do not believe in the madness preached by the Carl Paladinos and David Dukes of this country. Yet millions of them voted for Trump. Of course, on Jan. 20, when he is sworn in, Trump will issue the hollow call for us to unite behind him for the good of the nation. His call will be dismissed by millions of African Americans and others who have been maligned and hurt by Trump and his twisted fellow travelers such as Carl Paladino.

Marvin Dunn, Palmetto Bay