Letters to the Editor

Failed to connect

The Dec. 27 letter, “Common people,” was a perfect example of someone venting about why the writer didn’t vote for Donald Trump, but it did not address the reason the white male baby boomer did.

He fails to recognize that Hillary Clinton abandoned the principal base of the Democratic Party. Not only did she abandon the base, she further demonized them in a way I have never heard any politician ever speak down to the American people.

So, yes, there was more than a feeling that she did not connect.

The letter’s closing paragraph compounds the attitude by citing the failure of the educational system for not educating people to the myth that the political parties are the ones that are going to improve their basic self- interest.

Bernie Sanders paved the way for Trump by registering with the people of the Rust Belt, and Clinton did not.

All the “-isms” Clinton threw at Trump in an attempt to deflect that she was a flawed candidate didn’t fool the people.

Herb Schneider,

Miami Shores