Letters to the Editor

Crandon golf course is a diamond in the rough

Re the Feb. 23 article Trump wants to save Crandon golf — fans say course just fine, regarding the possibility of Donald Trump taking over the Crandon golf course.

I have lived in South Florida for most of my life and started playing golf as a 12-year-old at the old Par 3 course on Miami Beach. The “Key” has always been a favorite of mine because if I could break 90 there, I earned it.

Up until a few years ago, it was a place to play the majority of weekends that I actually did play. I never got tired or bored with the layout.

The county cannot keep Crandon Golf Course in decent shape at any time of the year.

Here’s my challenge: Take a ride to Miami Beach and tour the Miami Beach Golf Club or Normandy Shores Golf Club. Then take a tour of Crandon. The tee boxes are raggedy when it comes to grass cover, and they use sand to fill in empty spots. Some of the tee boxes are noticeably uneven.

The fairways are spotty in regards to the evenness of the grass. Sand traps need new sand and they need to be raked regularly.

The one area in which they do make an effort is the greens. Generally speaking, they are in good shape and fast. I understand that a private “country club” should be kept at high-level course conditions.

A municipal golf course can’t do that. Yet somehow the courses on Miami Beach come close to country club conditions.

The shame of it is that the Crandon course layout is outstanding. It should rank with the top courses in South Florida and in the United States.

There should be at least one professional tournament played annually at Crandon.

There are municipal courses with of high-level stature all around the country. Why not in greater Miami?

If the county cannot afford to accomplish this with Crandon, then put it out to bid and let Trump join in the process.

Bruce Matheson should lighten up and let the winner cut down some of the mangroves that open to fabulous views of Miami and Coconut Grove on a few of the holes.

It would also reduce the mosquito problem on those holes. We have a golf course diamond in the rough at Crandon. Let’s find a way to make it a diamond.

Jim Errichetti, Miami