Letters to the Editor

Defective license?

There was a DUI checkpoint set up on the Rickenbacker Causeway recently.

My teenage son was driving to the old causeway bridge to fish and was caught up in the line of cars being scrutinized by the police. He didn’t worry, he had his license, registration and insurance. He wasn’t impaired, nothing to worry about, right?


When the police officer brought his papers back to him, he brought along a ticket for “defacing” his driver’s license.

It seems that the magnetic stripe on the back of his license would not scan. Show of hands: Who knew you could get a ticket if the magnetic stripe on the back of your license doesn’t scan? Anyone?

How would anyone even know whether the stripe works? What lesson did my son take away from this?

Sadly, he learned that DUI check points have nothing to do with catching drunk drivers.

P. Martin, Coral Gables