Letters to the Editor

Workforce housing

Once again, the interests of developers were more important than building a world-class city (“Developers in Miami-Dade won’t be forced to set aside units for families making less than $100K,” Dec. 21).

Only Miami-Dade Commissioners Barbara Jordan, Daniella Levine Cava, Jean Monestime, Dennis Moss and Xavier Suarez have the interests of our county first and the vision to acknowledge that without enough workforce housing, we will never achieve the status of a great city.

The excuse from developers that requiring some sort of set-aside for workforce housing in exchange for higher density or paying a fee would be too much of a cost burden is short-sighted. Miami is in desperate need of housing, and without it, the developers will soon find themselves with no new buyers to sell their projects.

A city is considered world class not because of shiny new buildings, but because it has a strong professional workforce with opportunities for everyone. We will never achieve that status unless our elected officials take a strong stand and push developers to provide the housing so desperately needed.

Maria-Elena Lopez,

Coral Gables