Letters to the Editor

Cautionary tale warns of mega mall traffic

The mega mall that is being considered by the Miami-Dade County Commission ignores residents’ quality of life. This fact is overshadowed by the dollar signs the county envisions.

I live off of Ives Dairy Road in North Dade. We are the pathway to Aventura Mall. From 7-10 a.m. and 1:45-8 p.m. or later, there is complete gridlock. You might think, “Big deal.” Well, it is when 4,000 cars enter our neighborhood to avoid Ives Dairy Road every day. Lucky for us that WAZE re-directs motorists that way.

These unwanted visitors speed through our streets, regardless of stop signs, pass other motorists on two-lane roads — even around curves — just to get to I-95 five seconds earlier. And we are not allowed to keep them out because these are public streets. Our desire for speed bumps or humps has been rejected several times because they would slow down emergency vehicles. Aventura Mall is in the midst of a major expansion. Yet, there is no plan to address the increased volume of traffic. When questioned, we are told there is no way to ease traffic.

The neighbors to be affected by the proposed mega mall will, for sure, have their quality of life severely compromised. Their concerns should supersede monetary greed.

As our neighborhood has learned, once the go-ahead is given, all promises by the builder are null and void. No one from the county ever checks up on promises made, and the residents suffer.

Regardless of how terrific a major attraction, hotel and a mall could be, they do not belong in a residential neighborhood. Comparison to Disney World does not work here. Disney was built in an uninhabited area.

I totally sympathize with our western neighbors. No one is listening to them because none of those who will benefit from this monstrosity live in their neighborhood.

Trudy Lechner, Miami