Letters to the Editor

Dangerous Russia

Remember the 2012 presidential debates, when each candidate was asked what he thought posed the greatest danger to the United States? Mitt Romney said “Russia” and was promptly pooh-poohed by not only the debate moderator and but also President Obama. This clearly demonstrates the short-sighted foreign-policy thinking of the Obama administration then.

Only now is Obama hinting that Vladimir Putin himself is behind the various hacks of U.S. data. He won’t mention him by name, but only lets journalists and the American public connect the dots.

As far as Ronald Reagan “rolling over in his grave,” Reagan had the fortitude to call out Russia’s Mikhail Gorbachev to, “Tear down this wall!”

Obama won’t call out Putin even though the president seems 100 percent convinced that he is behind the hacks. Thank God we only have 34 more days to endure hope and change.

Victor J. LaPorta, Palmetto Bay