Letters to the Editor

Light rail is fine, but please no more buses

Regarding the article “Light Rail Tab could be $6B; Street Level Metrorail Eyed" on Dec. 15, I am pleased with the innovation and vision Miami-Dade County is finally showing in that if light rail does not work, then street level Metrorail might.

If it truly wanted to, the county could find the funding to complete the Metrorail as an elevated system (for example taking some of the toll funds from MDX?) What I do not want to hear is that dreaded word, buses, for at the end of this inspiring article, the option on spending for cheaper transit options is discussed and what can bring “more bang for the buck.” This epitomizes the paying for things on the cheap which this county has always pursued, not having the vision to plan for the future. This is what is needed not some half baked remedy with buses in special lanes.

No more buses; we want rail! Money is going to have to be spent anyway and if it is already lamentable that an elevated system is too expensive, then at least stick with the rail plan and not completely regress back to relying on buses, no matter how comfortable, efficient etc.

They are not as efficient as rail and will still take away traffic lanes, just as rail lines would do. You have to spend money anyway so have the vision to do it right.

All this talk of a world class city is a joke if its transit system consists mostly of lumbering buses without a large component of rail.

Perhaps a separate taxing authority, such as a port authority, may be able to get things done as our county has shown time and time again its half-hearted effort on transit-related issues. Also push our congressional delegation to push for money from Washington. Any doubts they have, then have them return and drive around Miami-Dade County for awhile and see how frustrating and time-wasting it is. Start doing something to help your home city.

Paul E. Czekanski,

Cutler Bay