Letters to the Editor

Tax bad foods

What good is four cents? Tax each gram of added sugar in food and beverages four cents, and we solve our Obamacare crisis.

We tax tobacco. We tax alcohol. It’s time our government and the American public face up to the fact that three foods — when over-consumed by Americans — end up causing 80 percent of chronic disease in the nation: Sugar added to food and beverages; wheat flour (loaded with gluten); and vegetable seed oil (when heated in fried food).

They should be taxed when they are in foods and beverages at retail. Of course, this will upset many people, however people could still eat or drink as much of these as they want. But if taxed, consumers would also be helping pay the cost their choices transfer to all taxpayers.

The problem with health insurance won’t be solved with subsidies and exchanges, but by cutting down consumption of toxic foods and beverages.

Jim Beecham, MD, West Palm Beach