Letters to the Editor

Rethink marijuana

Re the Dec. 13 opinion article “Medical marijuana is now legal, but it’s still a danger to children: Alberto Carvalho and Martin Karp, must be smoking something suspect if they believe that any Florida county can come close to safeguarding school-age children from the dangers of marijuana use.

Sadly, during the past election, there was little to no organized opposition to Amendment 2, so it skated to approval by the voters. It was different in 2014, when a similar effort to legalize medical pot was soundly defeated at the polls.

Medical authorities worldwide say there is little medical about marijuana — it’s a drug mostly used for recreational purposes. Its users end up killing motorists on our roads. Middle and high schoolers overdose on it and then assault, maim or even kill their classmates as they lose sight of reality because of the medical and psychological damage that heavy pot use has on the human body. That is not subject to serious dispute.

Carvalho and Karp need to rethink all of their plans for public schools.

Simon Hendrixx,