Letters to the Editor

Honoring Reno

I was saddened by the Miami Herald’s rather brief coverage of Sunday’s Janet Reno memorial service.

As Miami-Dade County’s State Attorney, she accomplished many wonderful, positive and groundbreaking things that forever changed Miami’s justice system, and its prosecutor’s office, for the better.

Janet lived the true meaning of her favorite phrase “strength and courage:” always seeking to do the right thing and always taking responsibility for one’s actions.

She was the honest person legend tells us Diogenes was seeking. In today’s political environment, wouldn’t a person such as her be truly refreshing?

I am grateful that I was able to be among those who attended Sunday’s event, along with hundreds of others, to honor her memory and all that she stood for as a person and as a public official. It was a true honor to have worked for her.

Rest in peace, Janet.

Chet Zerlin,