Letters to the Editor

Teacher evaluations

Thank you for highlighting the Kafkaesque problem of teacher evaluations in the state of Florida.

The Dec. 11 story “It’s harder for us to get good marks” accurately reflects the dire need to improve the teacher evaluation process so that it encourages excellence in one’s profession rather than discouraging teachers from doing their best.

Why try harder if it won’t be rewarded or, even worse, recognized?

As a school social worker who has worked for the past 25 years in Miami-Dade County Public schools, I, too, have experienced the disappointing process the story so well describes.

Think about this, how could our outstanding superintendent, Alberto Carvalho, be receiving so many national accolades and awards these past few years, if it wasn’t for our students’ progress and achievements?

Who drives those achievements? The teachers who work hard day in and day out.

Finally, the place to continue fixing this demoralizing problem is in Tallahassee.

Javier Berezdivin,