Letters to the Editor

Florida abortions

Rep. Jim Buchy, a Republican member of the Ohio House of Representatives, and a sponsor of Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill, “never even thought about why women get abortions.” This subject needs to be addressed.

Florida needs to lead the country in reproductive access for women. Women are more than 50 percent of the population and should not be forced to go elsewhere for reproductive choices.

Although I have no need for this, I have a young daughter. You cannot tell me that — as an American citizen, voter and a woman — if she were raped, she would be forced to carry a baby to term that was the result of a violent assault. This thinking is wrong.

Until a fetus is able to live outside the mother’s body, this should not be an issue. I do not condone abortion, but it is an issue between a woman and her doctor. That is all.

Florida must fight this type of thinking — or in this case, non-thinking. And here is a news flash: Access to birth control reduces the need for abortion.

Tamme Flood, Miami