Letters to the Editor

Access not easy

Re the Dec. 13 opinion page piece “Medical marijuana is now legal, but still a danger to children”: The Miami-Dade County School Board will consider that a medical marijuana dispensary not be allowed within a half mile from a school. Alberto Carvalho and Martin Karp make it sound as if a student might be able to walk into a dispensary, if it’s close to a school, and buy the marijuana. They also request that medical marijuana not be made in candy form. But if one is ill enough to get a prescription, why not make it easier for the patient to take?

My husband and I were in Denver, Colorado, recently and stopped into a dispensary to see what it was like. It required identification and it required a prescription. I would worry more that a liquor store or bar is within the 2,500 feet of a school.

Pauline Snyder,

Sunny Isles Beach