Letters to the Editor

Politicians fight

Now Sen. John McCain is questioning the integrity of Donald Trump? Where was he when Trump was making a fool of himself and our precious country? Where was he when he was denouncing McCain himself? Why did it take him this long to see how dangerous this man could be? Where were he and , including Sen. Rubio, when Trump slandered each and every one of them?

For the sake of party politics McCain put his party first, not the United States, as he swore to do when he took office.

They should all be removed from office and have their benefits ended. They don’t deserve to hold office and represent this country. The people Trump is bringing into office will not benefit the great people of this country; they will only benefit their own interests. Shame on them all for having such low morals, and acting so selfishly. They should stop whining now and do something, if they still can.

I am sad for those in need of help who voted for Trump and thought he would be the messiah. Keep hoping.

Nancy Billings,

Coral Gables