Letters to the Editor

Convenient embargo

The U.S. embargo provided the Castro regime with six decades of isolation and insulation from freedom’s onslaught. Communism absolutely requires isolation to endure and we provided it to Fidel, gratis.

The Castro brothers knew that, often screaming out about the killer embargo, in order to appease the most naïve among us.

As a matter of fact, when Bill Clinton began an initiative to loosen the embargo, Fidel Castro immediately shot down two unarmed planes in international airspace and killed four innocents; all to trigger a reaction: passage of what would be known as Helms-Burton and thereby again securing precious isolation from the United States.

Now, if Trump follows up on his bombastic rhetoric, he will be providing Raúl Castro the “Berlin wall” he needs. Conveniently for the Castro dynasty, he will be doing so, just after Cuba has opened a bit towards the entire capitalist world.

Trump will spare Castro’s regime the danger of dealing with their closest and therefore most dangerous capitalist neighbor: the United States.

Antonio Gonzalez, Miami