Letters to the Editor

Unfit president

Donald Trump is admittedly entangled with foreign governments through his business investments.

Since becoming president-elect, he has curried personal business favor with foreign governments.

He has refused to release his tax returns, so the American public has no way of knowing who he does business with.

He has also appointed many well-known extremists to his office and Cabinet, including for attorney general and chief strategist. This is the kind of president the Electoral College was created to prevent.

I am afraid of what might be for our children and grandchildren if this person is allowed to become president.

He clearly is unfit for the position, uneducated in matters of politics, and acts as though the toys are his and he can play with them any way he chooses, regardless of the damage he does.

I am 73 years young and have never seen people from so many countries so outraged at the outcome of the United States’ election. Having just returned from Britain, we were amazed that everyone we met wanted to talk about the abomination that is Trump, rather than explain Brexit to us.

Hoping that the more we make our feelings known, the more effective we will be.

Marsya Shaw,

Boynton Beach