Letters to the Editor

Moroccan Jews live in freedom and peace

Re the Nov. 29 opinion article “Sephardi, Mizrahi Jews part of the refugee equation,” by Lior Haiat and Henry Green: As a native of Morocco, I believe an asterisk should be included addressing the situation of Moroccan Jews.

Morocco has always been a peaceful country, where Jews enjoyed, and still enjoy, a life without any of the terrible acts described in the article.

Yes, many Moroccan Jews emigrated to France, Canada, Venezuela and other countries during conflicts such as the Six-Day War and Yom Kippur War, exoduses fueled by organized propaganda.

Many of these exiles wish they could go back to their peaceful lives in Casablanca, Tangier, Fes, Rabat and others cities, as their lives in Venezuela and France have not been paradise.

Moroccan Jews were always considered Moroccan citizens, with absolutely no distinction from their fellow Muslims.

Since the days of the late King Mohamed V, the protection and respect of our Jewish citizens have been priorities of the Palace, passed from father to son.

To compare the lives of Moroccan Jews to those of Syrian, Iraqis and Egyptians is an injustice.

The current small Jewish community in Morocco, most of its members concentrated in Casablanca, enjoys a quiet and peaceful life with complete freedom of religion, official Jewish tribunals, kosher butchers and synagogues.

Personally, I visit my mother and sister, three times a year. No other country makes me feel so welcome or at peace, and my retiring to Morocco is a strong possibility. As a native, I will immediately regain my nationality and receive all the benefits of a citizen.

I hope that this few words vindicate the harsh ones used in Haiat and Green’s opinion piece. Readers should understand that there is a big difference between Casablanca and Aleppo or Baghdad.

Prosper Azerraf,