Letters to the Editor

Trump is a centrist

With events in the U.S. and the world conspiring and conflicting and governing parties of Left and Right having moved to the extremes, multiplying our problems, what a joy to hear a sensible voice coming forth out of the darkness. All issues must be viewed from all sides and Donald Trump can be this bridge for America, a true centrist. Encouraging signs are emerging, indicating that he is feeling his way there.

It was refreshing hearing Al Gore’s comments after their meeting, realizing perhaps Trump's unfortunate campaign rhetoric is already giving way to reality as he settles into the serious business of governing.

It is also gratifying to know that Trump goes home every evening to a sensible, loving wife and family who seem to have reservoirs of balance and compassion. His family continues to be Trump’s greatest asset. Let us pray that this president-elect will now begin to see the connections between Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and MLK, all who found the center and led wisely through that balanced center.

Elizabeth Hinesley,

Delray Beach