Letters to the Editor

FIU ‘Panther Pride’

We congratulate Miami-Dade County Public Schools for their efforts to support homeless students through Project UP-START, which was featured in a recent Herald article. We join with our partners at M-DCPS and Miami Dade College in making sure that the young people in our community receive the resources they need to realize their dreams through education.

Once homeless and foster youth graduate from the school system, they have a home at FIU, where, through our Fostering Panther Pride program, we help secure housing, referrals to FIU resources, mentoring, a success coach and other services that will keep them on track academically and help them navigate challenges.

Currently, 146 FIU students are part of Fostering Panther Pride. We know that a university degree is the key to career success and prosperity. We are committed to making sure the circumstances of these hard-working, determined young people do not prevent them from obtaining university degrees and charting a brighter future for themselves, their families and our community.

Mark B. Rosenberg,