Letters to the Editor

Health insurers greedy

It is unfortuntate that Cigna Insurance refused letter writer Clyde Cates’ CT scan, but the denial had nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act. The ACA doesn’t write insurance policies; insurance companies do that. Among other things, the ACA forbids companies from discriminating against people with pre-existing conditions. There are no “death squads.” Cigna turned down his doctor’s request.

Cates should call Cigna and fight for his scan. If Cigna can turn him and others down, it keeps more money. Insurance companies are increasing the deductibles and co-pays on everything. They know you need to buy insurance, but once you do, the out-of-pocket costs prevent you from wanting to use it. And that is what they are hoping for.

Greed is one thing the ACA couldn’t prevent.

Charles Dreher, Miami