Letters to the Editor

Terror attacks planned

The jury in federal court in Manhattan has finally ripped the veil covering the face of evil that is the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority.

No more can the PA claim anything was spontaneous — not the first and second intifadas, not the thugs who stabbed unsuspecting civilians in synagogues and in the streets and certainly not the terrorists who crept into homes at night to slaughter men, women and children.

The PA, the so-called charities that fund them and the countries and banks that facilitate their activities are all guilty of terrorism and deserve the scorn and sanction of the civilized world.

Terror attacks in New York, Madrid, London, Benghazi, Paris and Ottawa did not just happen. They were planned. No individual or group would dare take action without the express urging and approval of their tribal rulers. This trial has bared the truth.

Len Bennett, Deerfield Beach