Letters to the Editor

Tests waste time

While telling the public it’s reducing the number of district-mandated tests, Miami-Dade County Public Schools officials are tightening the thumbscrews on site administrators for more data. The result is that teachers are now wasting more valuable class time than ever on developmentally inappropriate tests.

Math and science teachers are required to administer monthly unit tests. Additionally, algebra and geometry teachers are required to give lengthly, district-generated midterms that don’t even meet item specifications.

And after wasting a week on midterms, math and reading teachers waste another on the district-mandated iReady diagnostic.

If they really wanted to support us teachers, MDCPS officials would provide the resources and training needed to achieve the daily miracles demanded of us. Nobody knows better what children need than their teachers.

Enrique Baloyra,

Biscayne Park