Letters to the Editor

Keep engaging Cuba

With Fidel Castro’s death, now is not the time for the United States to disengage from Cuba. This is an opportunity for us and for the Cuban people. Raúl Castro is far more pragmatic and wants the investment of U.S. dollars.

He began market-based reforms in 2008. Because he’s less of an idealogue, we can make a deal. If we want to help the Cuban people find their own path, we have to have a seat at the table. If we want to have a seat at the table, we have to be there.

Capital investment can be structured in such a way that the Cuban people will benefit from it. We can use capitalism as a carrot to get reforms. No reform, no investment — not just tourists visiting the hotels and beaches but substantial change for the people. Investment will show Cubans that with capitalism can come democracy. If we’re not at the table, somebody else will be.

Lauren Korngold, Miami