Letters to the Editor

Advocates overreach to preserve Beach area

Preservationists in Miami Beach resort to militant tactics to advance their agenda contrary to city resiliency, objectives and growth.

They vilify anyone who dares not to drink their Kool-Aid.

Their quest for a broad stroke “local designation” for a neighborhood of questionable architecture is just a distraction from their from their real motive — controlling the housing supply at the detriment of growth and affordability.

Why is this designation misguided and reckless?

▪ It undermines the ability to plan properly and will eradicate the potential for redevelopment.

▪ It diminishes the importance of truly significant structures and jeopardizes efforts to save the worthy.

▪ It adds a costly, time-consuming process to actually build, which will ultimately be passed on to the end user.

▪ It strips property owners of their rights to evolve and protect themselves.

The Miami-Dade Preservation League has received special rights and influence in creating city policy, these rights come with an obligation and accountability to the public.

Before proposing to take control of development MDPL must propose a solution to the challenges.

Preservation policies have depleted the housing stock, resulting in the largest housing equality gap in the country.

Without creating increased housing supply and incentivizing resilient development Miami Beach is risking the very tax base needed to pay for billions needed in infrastructure.

FEMA offers zero exemptions for historic structures.

Premiums have skyrocketed and run the risk of being uninsurable.

It have been 30 years since we have seen any development in North Beach.

Finally, there is some interest, and solution is more restrictions and regulation?

Matis N. Cohen, CEO,

Kahunah Properties,

Miami Beach