Letters to the Editor

Equal votes

Leonard Pitts Jr.’s Nov. 30 column, “Recount not justified in this election,” has a flaw in logic. He wrote: “The idea that my vote matters no more — or less — than yours is the tie that binds an Inuit in Bethel, Alaska to a Haitian refugee in Miami to an Irish Catholic in Boston to a Mexican American in San Diego to a Muslim in Kansas City.”

Yet, because of the Electoral College, a voter in Alaska has more than two and half times the power of a voter in California. Every person who voted for Hillary Clinton was cheated by the injustice of this outmoded system that allowed her to win more votes, yet lose the election.

Anything that could correct this travesty of democracy now or in the future, including a recount, should be considered. Each vote should be equal in a democracy.

Glenn Smith, Tampa