Letters to the Editor

Global Fund

The election season was so divisive that we forgot that Congress does find ways to work together. Dec. 1 was World AIDS Day, and we are thankful for the bipartisan effort of South Florida’s legislators, who have supported replenishing the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. This international fund works to prevent and treat diseases that contribute most to poverty.

Canada recently hosted a successful replenishment conference with pledges from nations around the world totaling $12.9 billion. If donors keep their word, these funds will prevent 300 million infections. Much of the research done to prevent mother-to-infant HIV transmission was done at the University of Miami.

Our newly elected Congress must follow through on the U.S. pledge to the Global Fund.

By promoting healthy societies, we also promote prosperity and peace. In long run, this will reduce the need for people to flee their homelands.

Barbara Mihm,