Letters to the Editor

Halt deregulation

There has been talk recently about scaling back the Environmental Protection Agency because it disrupts the economy with “senseless regulations.” Many of those regulations came about because of environmental abuses were committed to save money and increasing profits. Doing it the right way would have been more expensive.

In a filing before the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, a lawsuit was filed by a group of local activists alarmed by FPL’s plans at Turkey Point nuclear power plant. One of the concerns is how to deal with the radioactive waste produced there when the proposed new reactors are installed.

Philip Stoddard, an FIU biology professor and South Miami mayor, said that this was done in California, and they wound up with radioactive kelp in the ocean.

Will we be shipping radioactive fruit and stone crabs to the nation? FPL wants to play Russian roulette with not only our drinking water but our entire ecosystem as well. Is this a good time for massive deregulation? Not really.

Dean Richardson,