Letters to the Editor

Trade optimism

With the election of Donald Trump, the future of trade has been the topic of many conversations, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Right now, the TPP is essentially dead, but after the dust settles, this will evolve into an agreement that reshapes the U.S.-Asia relationship.

As for NAFTA, I think it will remain in place, perhaps slightly changed, during the next four years. China has been making a play to increase its trade in Central and South America and the U.S. will be forced to deal with this and not stand idly by and let China be in our backyard. There are several trade agreements with individual countries and I foresee more of these types of trade agreements with individual countries to facilitate global U.S. trade.

As chairman of the Beacon Council’s Trade & Logistics committee, I am optimistic about what a Trump presidency could mean to Florida and its trade and logistics sector.

Ron Atapattu, president of Overseas Cargo Inc., Miami