Letters to the Editor

Mega-mall headache

The recent Herald article “Transit at center of brewing fight over mega-mall” revealed yet again just how shameless and destructive our politicians are. The proposed mega-mall in Northwest Miami-Dade would be larger than Minnesota’s Mall of America, making it the biggest in the country.

Miami Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez has been described as an early advocate. It’s probably no coincidence that the mall operators backed the compliant mayor in his re-election campaign. The mayor and other officials have made it clear that mall operators would have to prove that it won’t add to gridlock. Right. Those 70,000 vehicles a day won’t add to gridlock.

Commissioner Pepe Diaz visited two other mega-malls up north and was “encouraged,” even though they have easy access to mass transit while no such thing exists here. He said the mall would need a major transit system and it’s a “good question” whether the operators or taxpayers would have to foot the bill. Like the baseball stadium and other billionaire enterprises, the residents are going to have to subsidize this monstrosity with our hard-earned tax dollars as we sit in ever-increasing, unhealthy traffic and congestion. The mega-mall is named American Dream Miami, but it should really be called Miami's Nightmare.

Jim Llewellyn,

Miami Springs