Letters to the Editor

Free enterprise

Re your cover page story in Business Monday on Nov. 28, about Airbnb fighting with Miami Beach: Very interesting. The hotel industry and Miami Beach officials don’t seem to be in sync with our new president-elect and principles of the free enterprise system.

First, President-elect Trump claims that on his first day in office he will remove many regulations that are stifling businesses — existing and, especially, startups — in America. It certainly appears as if Miami Beach city officials are imposing a stifling fee of $20,000 on homeowners who just want to rent their homes to visitors. Isn’t this adding new regulations? Will President-elect Trump repeal these on his first day in office?

Second, the business schools preach the free enterprise system to not only regulate businesses, but also to freely let market forces set the prices. It certainly doesn’t appear as if the Beach hotels want this.

They seem to want to keep prices artificially high for bigger profits. This seems un-American.

I believe a former president said, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” The market forces are supposed to set prices, not the industry, secretly meeting together to set prices. Isn’t that illegal?

Tom Comerford, Kendall