Letters to the Editor

Fidel, I will not forgive or forget

I have been waiting, Fidel, for this news for the last 57 years. You lasted too long! And you died on Black Friday!

You took everything from my family, as you did with all of us Cubans. My father, a land owner, had to work 14 hours a day, picking tomatoes He took home the green ones because there was nothing to eat. My mother worked in a laundry folding clothes, the first job in her life. You killed two of my uncles in the Bay of Pigs, thousands were shot, and thousands more died in the Straits of Florida escaping your great society. You took everything from everybody, making everyone the same, which was your goal; poor and miserable. And I lost my country.

Millions cheered you when you entered Havana. Millions have fled your communist police state. You pushed for your intervention in other countries, trained thousands of communist militants and praised Che, a true killer, as the greatest man you ever met. You sent thousands of criminals to our new land. You created a repressive state that restrained the media, arts, food, life itself. You brought Cuba to ruins.

You always stuck to your outmoded, failed ideology. You claimed to make only $40 a month when Forbes declared you one of the richest man in the world and your bodyguard claims your wealth is unimaginable. Any one who ever questioned you was castigated with heavy punishment, excluded from all aspects of life, removed from his job or the university — and many times shot dead. You made Miami the capital of South America and Cuba a pawn in the Cold War. And you also brought the world to the edge of nuclear war.

I am supposed to forgive you, only because Nelson Mandela forgave those who kept him in prison for 27 years, because Christ said forgive them But, watch out, Fidel. The question you will face is whether the One who has the final say will ever forgive you. I cannot.

Jose Sanchez, Palmetto Bay