Letters to the Editor

Death of truth

Certain truths have always been subjective. Faith and religious beliefs are prime examples. But we have now expanded the subjective areas to everything. This new phenomenon marks the death of truth on a societal basis. This year’s election highlights this new reality.

Time after time, one candidate made statements, then, in spite of recorded proof, denied saying it and was believed by more than 46 percent of the voters. Climate change, supported by 95 percent of the world’s scientists, was called a hoax by conservative politicians.

Known lies are quoted as fact, and the news and media explain the contradictory statement and actions of our elected officials as “pivoting” when, in fact, it is blatant lying to get votes. Politicians, especially our president-elect, are cheered by some for his brilliant use of lies; we even hear it called good politics.

Making America great again by lies, half-truths and deception is not a path to greatness, but to having a government that is unresponsive to the governed. The death of truth is how most authoritarian governments are formed and come to power.

Demand truth; dismiss lies and liars. A man’s word should be his bond and dictate his actions.

Marvin Wolf, Plantation