Letters to the Editor

Resist Trump

One of the few areas I might support President-elect Donald Trump is his call for rebuilding our infrastructure — but not as a corporate giveaway, which I fear he will back. Another might be his call to make our trade deals fairer to American workers, but not to scrap them as he sometimes says. And maybe he’ll resist the typical GOP war against Medicare and Social Security, although I wouldn’t count on it. But everything else he stands for is anathema to American ideals and must be resisted.

I applaud the scrutiny by the media and interest groups of his many abuses of power that are sure to come — his war against press freedom, immigrants, Muslims, and African Americans; his outrageous conflicts of interest with his worldwide business empire; his blatant refusal to reveal his tax returns and business interests; his shocking personal conduct; his pathological lying; his idiotic fights with whoever on Twitter; his ignorance of foreign affairs; and his reckless proposals to slash taxes on the super-rich.

All of this must be resisted. The American people didn’t elect Trump in the popular vote. He lost that. He does not represent what most Americans believe in.

Phillip Hubbart, Miami