Letters to the Editor

Seasonal sublets

Re the Nov. 28 Business Monday article “Airbnb battlerground”: Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine does not speak for everyone when it comes to short-term rentals.

I am a full-time resident of Miami Beach and do not own a home elsewhere. But my family and I have had wonderful get-togethers in short-term rentals in several other states. No hotel experience could match it.

My neighborhood has many homes that stand empty for months on end, while their snowbird or foreign owners are elsewhere. Empty houses aren’t fun to live next to.

With proper registration and licensing, and proper education of landlords and renters about parking and noise, short-term rentals can be an asset to a neighborhood. Maybe some of my neighbors who lost their homes to foreclosure would still be here if they had had this option.

Virginia Kopelman,

Miami Beach