Letters to the Editor

Gracias, Fidel

As ironic as it may seem, I am celebrating the death of Fidel Castro, a horrible dictator and murderer, by thanking him for the opportunity he gave me to move, live and raise my family in the best country on this planet, something Cubans would not have had if we had stayed in Cuba.

I had five friends who were killed by Castro’s firing squads. I and several others were imprisoned for opposing his Communist views. Dozens of wealthy families from Camagüey lost all they had when Castro took the properties they worked hard to acquire.

I was not one of those, but I was not able to be on the Olympic basketball team anymore nor was I able to finish my medical career at the University of Havana.

Thanks to Castro, I was forced to leave Cuba and become a U.S. citizen. I worked for the U.S. government for the next 33 years. I was able to bring my parents and the rest of my family over and, after raising my own beautiful American family, I am now enjoying retirement.

Gracias, Fidel!

Nelson Benedico, Miami