Letters to the Editor

False news

Spreading false news should be a crime.

According to recent stories in the newspapers and on television, Google, Facebook and Twitter have helped spread misinformation and “false news” on purpose to affect the decisions voters make when electing representatives to political offices, including that of president.

A few years ago, I made my living working as a crime-news reporter for a few radio and TV stations. Before any of my stories were aired, I had to submit them to be edited and reviewed by someone in the station who had many years of experience in the journalism industry. No story that could not be verified would go on the air. Period.

Whatever happened the threat of libel, and defamation charges? Is this no longer been taught in journalism school? Why is it that in today’s world some people do not seem to care about whether something is true or not? Whatever happened to ethics?

Carmelo “CJ” Cabarcas, Hialeah