Letters to the Editor

Speech limits

Re Caitlin Dewey’s Nov. 17 article, “Fake news writer says Trump is president because of him,” about Paul Horner of Facebook false-news fame: Jow is this not against the law? Although the First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech and of the press, those freedoms have limits.

For one, you are not allowed to yell “Fire!” in a crowded theater just to see people run. By the same token, to knowingly publish a false or libelous statement cannot be allowed. The lie is magnified tenfold when it is spread and re-spread on social media. Corrections are never spread to all recipients either.

For someone like Horner to make a living off viral news hoaxes is unconscionable. Laws should protect the public, or one day we might actually elect a president solely based on Twitter falsehoods. You never know.

Alfred Sasiadek, Miami