Letters to the Editor

Kill Castro regime with kindness

I hope that we play this one smartly. Instead of prolonged celebratory outbursts by exiles, and jingoistic bluster by politicians in a new administration, I would like to see a continued “erosion” of the Cuban regime by even forming closer ties.

Their government will continue to try to maintain its power, but in time it should prove difficult for them. Too, it should be remembered that we still have to wait out Raúl Castro’s reign.

We should not create a vacuum in Cuba, that the Russians and Chinese can fill, by antagonizing and threatening the present government. Let’s use the soft touch. Hold them closer. Let capitalism and contact work its will. We don’t need a heavy hand here. We need a diplomatic approach that continues to undermine their system.

Yes, there is valid anger and claims by those who have suffered there and in exile. They will be addressed in time. In the days ahead,however, we should seek to prevent another fifty plus years of stalemate and frustration.

One can only hope that Washington takes that course.

Anthony Liotti,

Sunny Isles Beach