Letters to the Editor


I enjoyed your Nov. 23 feel-good editorial on the Miami Dolphins and the election results, “Identity politics, Dolphins style.” However, the continued use of whites, blacks, Hispanics and Asians in your article is faulty and misleading.

As you know, Hispanics can be white, black and Asian, if we speak of race. What’s being omitted in the national discourse regarding Hispanics is that the overwhelming majority of these individuals are indigenous or mestizo by race. It’s due time that Mexicans and other Central and South Americans are identified by their indigenous race.

In doing so, black, Asian and white Spanish speakers can be placed in their proper racial group. After all, aren’t Kiko Alonso, Gloria Estefan and Cameron Diaz — to name a few — white? Aren’t Aroldis Chapman, Celia Cruz and David Ortiz, black?

Wasn’t artist Wifredo Lam Asian? I couldn’t resist, hope you get my reasoning.

Al Lopez, Miami