Letters to the Editor

Deep dredge damage

As a litigant in the lawsuit against the Army Corps of Engineers and the damage their deep dredge project caused to Miami's reef tract at PortMiami, I felt compelled to respond to the recent Miami Herald article regarding the project (“Mud from PortMiami dredge spurred coral die-off, study finds,” Nov. 21).

It is hard to believe the Corps is still stonewalling when faced by multi-agency findings of malfeasance and non-compliance.

Unfortunately, this does not bode well for the upcoming Port Everglades dredging.

After 18 years battling this project to maintain a healthy bay and reef tract I fear that I may not live to see the end if the Corps continues to stonewall using its sanctity as the “Army” to run roughshod over our precious resources for the sake of “progress and national security.”

Dan Kipnis,

Miami Beach