Letters to the Editor

Standing in unity, embracing diversity

On Nov. 8, the citizens of our great nation democratically elected a new slate of public officials to govern and lead our country. We applaud this cherished process and congratulate all of those who were victorious, including President-elect Donald J. Trump, our Miami-Dade U.S. congressional delegation, Florida state delegation and Miami-DadeMayor Carlos A. Gimenez.

As organizational representatives of a unified and strong interfaith community, we believe the only way forward is through upholding our deep-seated principles of tolerance, respect and civility. Prior to and after the election, we have seen a significant uptick in divisive and hateful rhetoric. According to the anti-intolerance watchdog, the Southern Poverty Law Center, more than 400 incidents of harassment, including racist, anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic acts, have been reported. As a community and as a country, we must remain vigilant and vocal in condemning any form of prejudice or bigotry.

We call upon on newly elected officials — and all people of good will — to stand up against hate, to restore unity and civility to public discourse and to embrace diversity so that all Americans can live in safety and security, hallmarks of our most deeply held values.

We pledge to work together in the Miami-Dade community to do just that, committing ourselves to protecting and advancing civil liberties and equality under the law for all citizens. As Americans, we will continue the struggle to ensure the fundamental tenet of the U.S. Constitution that all people are created equal. As a coalition of diverse people of faith, we recommit ourselves to our sacred obligation to affirm the opening lines of the Bible, that each human is created in the Divine image.

Coalition of South Florida Muslim Organizations; American Jewish Committee, Miami regional office;

Jewish Community Relations Council of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation; MCCJ;

Rabbinical Association of Greater Miami