Letters to the Editor

The big swindle

Marco Rubio got it right the first time. Donald Trump is a con man.

I’ve gotten lots of lefty mail suggesting ways to reconcile myself to Trump’s victory and to reach out to Trump supporters with understanding in my heart. Well, I can’t. It’s increasingly clear that Trump supporters and now the whole country are victims of a con man. Trump played on their hopes and fears and got them to vote for a pile of hooey under an artful hairpiece. Trump will not save them. His policies will make life even tougher for those who supported him.

The Democrats were their best hope. Democrats support universal healthcare, raising the minimum wage and making education affordable, all to give people the tools they need to do well for themselves in a fast-changing global economy.

Going back to dirty fuel and labor-intensive manufacturing is economically impossible. The big challenge is to shift to clean energy fast enough to save ourselves from climate change, an investment that will make good jobs ranging from tech innovation to rooftop installation. That’s no con.

Gray Read,

South Miami