Letters to the Editor

Scary Cabinet

With Donald Trump’s selection of Breitbart News darling Steve Bannon as a close adviser and chief strategist, America may now have its very own version of Russia’s Pravda. Citizens should be both deeply disturbed and enraged at this nod to a white supremacist — oh, sorry — the politically correct term is now “white nationalist,” even though Trump’s victory was supposedly a rejection of all things politically correct.

Go figure.

Next comes — surprise, surprise — another bigot, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions for attorney general, despite his having been rejected some years back for a judicial post because of his racism.

Then, we have the ethically and legally questionable nepotism of Trump’s adult offspring whispering in his ear, and the prospect of memory-challenged Rudy Giuliani as secretary of state.

Remember how he alleged that America had never experienced terrorism prior to President Obama, in spite of his having been mayor of New York City on 9/11 during the Bush administration?

And the list of unsavory additions to the brave new world Trump envisions will continue to grow.

Rather than reaching across the aisle and helping the country to heal, as the president-elect promised, it appears instead that Americans will be brought to heel, with little or no checks and balances.

Meg Massaro,

St. Augustine