Letters to the Editor

Insult to America

Donald Trump, as the GOP candidate, appealed to voters with fear, hate, ignorance and violence, and was accepted by many. He mocked women, Latinos, Muslims, blacks, Native Americans, a Gold Star family, the disabled and veterans. In the debates, he showed his ignorance of how our government functions.

He reneged on payments to subcontractors, used substandard Chinese steel in his buildings and conned students at his fake university. More than a dozen women came forward and recounted how he sexually assaulted them.

The GOP candidate easily gained the support of racists and white supremacists. But what kind of mental gymnastics did the evangelicals, conservatives, women, and tea partiers have to go through to believe that he was suited for our highest office? He doesn’t have the most basic sense of human decency.

His campaign was an insult to America and our values. Those who voted for him are getting the president they deserve.

Bob Guest,