Letters to the Editor

New White House?

So Mr. Trump won the election. And now there are reports that he might disregard traditions that go along with the office, saying that he might not want to live in Washington, D.C. or the White House.

Did he not realize that being president of the United States is not a 9-to-5 Monday through Friday job to which he can commute?

It’s a 24/7 responsibility for the next four years. He will be “on call” to do it and he had better be at the office, or living above it, so he can do the job.

He just found out he can’t delegate many duties to the vice president and that he is mandated by law to actually do some things, like work for a living.

Did he expect to have state dinners at the Trump Tower? Where does he plan to receive foreign heads of state?

His attitude is a disgrace to the 44 presidents who have gone before him, who have upheld the tradition and been proud to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Sue Ann Campbell,

Cutler Bay